The Raw Food Diet Made Easy!

At Raw Food Repair our goal is for YOU to get HEALTHY by eating a raw food diet consisting of whole and vegan foods. This is defined as mostly (75% or more) raw and vegan (plant based). It is our desire to have the "Raw Food Diet" become more mainstream, and less of a sub-culture. To that end, the emphasis of this site will be to show people how eating MORE raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts each day will help them in their overall health. Additionally, eating LESS meat, dairy, processed foods and sugar will prove beneficial. I eat about 80% raw and vegan, and am convinced that the world would be much healthier, and less disease prone if everyone ate this way.

The mission of Raw Food Repair is to share the benefits of eating a raw food diet with as many people as possible. By switching to a raw, vegan diet you will experience massive improvements in health, energy, and physique! This site has over 120 pages of free information, yet most of them are very concise. Our navigation bar is arranged alphabetically by topic, and we also have a sitemap for your convenience.

See how easy eating raw can be with Diana Stobo.

The main thing I would like to get across is that you do not have to feel overwhelmed. Incorporate more raw and vegan eating habits at your own pace. The emphasis is to adapt a more healthy lifestyle that YOU can live with. Consistency and constant improvement is more important that dogma, labels, or becoming 100% raw!

The health aspects are amazing. It is really a testament to how wonderfully complex and self healing the human body is, if only we would nourish it properly! My interest in raw food started with a desire to rid myself of diabetes, which I am well on my way to doing. Others are interested in battling cancer, old age, or just want a new challenge. Many of my readers tell me they just wanted more energy! You are definitely in the right place, as this site should help with all of that and more.

Visitors, please help to help spread the word. If just 10% of the U.S. population would start eating more raw foods, there would be so much less diabetes, cancer and chronic sickness. Those who choose this healthy lifestyle will become "Independently Healthy", while those who continue to eat poor will face skyrocketing health care costs, a less energetic life and low productivity. It doesn't cost anything to change your relationship with food, just a willingness to do so. Once you have had some success, please spread the word and help others with their raw food diet. We need to be healthy to battle these challenging times!

Please navigate around this site. The pages are arranged alphabetically by topic. Note that many links on this site will be to other pages, providing more in depth information, and some links will take you to products which we feel will benefit you, or further educate you in your quest for health!

Starting a raw food diet can be very overwhelming. It is confusing because of many concerns, including your nutrition. Fear not, there is a very easy way to get started that is logical, nutritious and slow.

First of all, you should not consider this a raw food diet at all. It really is a lifestyle, a raw food lifestyle. The reason I say this is because for any permanent change to occur, you must keep up these healthy habits for the rest of your life. It is really a whole new way of understanding your relationship to food and then living congruently with that relationship. Second, there is no pressure when one undertakes a raw food diet. So relax, eating raw, organic, and vegan can be started very strictly, or very gradually.

To Your Health!

James Reno