Carol Alt Raw Food Diet Now Available!

carol alt eats raw food

The Carol Alt raw food diet is now available in book form. In fact, she wrote 2 books! The first one is "Eating in the Raw" and the second one is "The Raw 50". Carol started a raw food lifestyle when, at age 34, she noticed she was having a lot of chronic symptoms including feeling bloated, as well as getting the flu, allergies, headaches and such. In addition she was tired when she needed to work, and had trouble sleeping at night. She was taking a lot of over the counter medications to combat these symptoms.

She was eventually turned on to a doctor who had helped heal a friend's girlfriend of cancer. The doctor suggested she try eating a list of raw foods he gave her. After trying this, she started feeling better and her chronic symptoms disappeared. She has been raw for over 12 years and counting now! "Eating in the Raw" is her beginner's guide to slimming down, feeling healthier and looking younger through a raw food lifestyle. "The Raw 50", which at first I thought was a reference to age, is actually Carol's 50 favorite recipes and consists of 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinner, 10 snacks and 10 raw drinks!