Jack Lalanne, Incredible Athlete, Incredible Nutrition!

Incredible athlete Jack Lalanne in his bodybuilding days

Jack Lalanne was someone to admire. He really helped bring fitness, health and nutrition to the forefront in America. While most people knew Jack as the late night pitchman for his juicer, I remember him as this incredibly built guy showing the world how to exercise using simple items found around the house. I also remember that on his birthday he would always perform some incredible feat of strength or endurance. I remember he was in the San Fransisco Bay one year, hand-cuffed and pulling a line of boats filled with people through the water! Jack brought fitness into the mainstream through his fitness program which lasted over 30 years. Additionally he was the inventor of much of the weight training equipment we take for granted today. LaLanne designed the first leg extension machines, pulley machines, and weight selectors that are now standard in the fitness industry. He also invented the original model of what became the Smith machine.

Jack has passed on, but has left a tremendous legacy of fitness throughout the world. Rest In Peace Francois Henry "Jack" Lalanne 1914 - 2011.

Jack ate extremely well, avoided processed food, and avoided sugar. Check him out discussing supermarket smarts old school: