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Cancer survivor becomes raw food entrepreneur!

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As the summer heat peaks, you may want to start your workouts earlier. Morning is the best time of day to exercise because it gets your blood pumping and your metabolism cranked up for all day energy and proper burning of fuel (healthy food!). Enjoy life and stay active!


Breakfast Recipe Spread

2 slices of Ezekiel bread

1/2 cup of fresh black raspberries

1/2 cup of fresh red raspberries

1 ounce of raw almond butter

Spread almond butter thinly and evenly on Ezekiel bread. Arrange the two types of berries on spread in a colorful pattern. Enjoy!

Serves 1. Each serving contains:

401 calories

19 grams fat

51 grams carb

13 grams protein

Cancer surviving entrepreneur opens a new raw vegan restaurant!

Look for the new INTERVIEWS section of the website coming soon. I will be interviewing some of the leaders in the raw and vegan communities to get an insight into what makes them tick, and how they got started on their healthy lifestyle.

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