An alkalizing green dessert!

Don't pigeon hole yourself by your diet!

Check out our latest interview with Diana Stobo!

I hope you have been eating more whole foods and raw foods including fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds. Don't forget that with these food groups there are an unlimited amount of combinations, both nutritional and tasty, to suit your needs. Make sure to find your own path on this healthy journey and don't let other folks or even "gurus" discourage you or tell you what you are doing is "wrong". It is your life and your health. Find the level of raw and vegan that is right for you. Enjoy life and stay active!


Green Dessert!

3 ounces of raw spinach

1 ripe avocado

16 oz. cold water

1 oz. fresh mint leaves

2 oz. raw cacao powder

6 single serving packets of stevia

Blend all ingredients until smooth and pour in two chilled glasses. Dust top with some cacao powder and garnish with additional mint leaves. Put in the freezer and eat later with a spoon. Enjoy!

Serves 2. Each serving contains:

318 calories

18 grams fat

32 grams carb

10 grams protein

Don't let what you eat (or don't eat) define who you are or pigeon hole you!

Here is my latest interview. It is with Diana Stobo. Diana is a remarkably talented woman who has an excellent reputation in the raw food community. Her recipes and advice are second to none! Previous to interviewing Diana, I also interviewed Tess Challis, which you can see on the Interviews page.

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James Reno