Ani Phyo Interview!

Ani Phyo Interview

Raw Food Repair: Are you 100% raw vegan? Why or why not?

Ani Phyo: No, I don't define myself as 100% anything, though most of my diet is raw. Sometimes I'll heat my chili that I pull out of the fridge on the stove because I don't care to eat it cold.

RFR: How long have you been eating this way?

Ani Phyo: I was raised on high raw by a raw father, what I call Raw Food 1.0, functional foods. Gourmet Raw Food 2.0 since mid 90’s.

RFR: What brought you to this healthy lifestyle?

AP: Mental clarity, focus, energy, not getting sick, not needing as much sleep, being my ideal weight.

RFR: Are your recipes influenced by either your heritage, or where you have lived? Can you elaborate?

AP: All things in life are inspired by our journey and where we come from, our history. So yes. As an adult, I am realizing more and more how much of my eating and eco green lifestyles are part of my Korean heritage and upbringing.

RFR: Can you describe your latest book?

Ani Phyo: Breaking down misconceptions that healthy needs to be expensive and take a lot of time. 'Basic' recipes use only 2 to 4 ingredients, then I teach the reader how to add on flavors and spices to make endless variations on your own.

RFR: What are some of your favorite foods?

AP: Kale chips, chia cereal, chlorella tablets, sea vegetables, and nut mylks.

RFR: What are types of foods to stay away from, i.e. in your opinion which are the worst of the worst?

AP: Always come from a place of gratitude. If you want to eat a piece of sugar white flour cooked cake, enjoy it and give thanks. It's okay as long as you enjoy in moderation.

RFR: Besides your books, what other services do you currently provide for people looking to change their lives for the better?

AP: Next fine dining dinner event is in LA Nov. 17 and 18th at the Test Kitchen. I'll be mixing in molecular gastronomy and raw foods in a natural way for the first time in history. I have my uncooking show, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, available online at, along with more recipes, ingredients, and kitchen tools. I also have eStore at

RFR: If you could only eat or drink one thing (or concoction) for a week straight, what would it be?

AP: Green juices.

RFR: If readers of this interview want to learn more about you and your services where should they go?

AP: They can go to my website!

This interview was conducted October 21, 2010.

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