Ben Vereen Eats Raw Food!

ben vereen eats raw food

Veteran song and dance man Ben Vereen discusses the importance of eating raw. Well into his 60's, Vereen has an abundance of energy and zest for life. He discusses how most Americans eat "dead" foods and why we should eat living food. Vereen has been entertaining audiences for 5 decades and has a great perspective on life and show business. When I was little I remember him playing Chicken George Moore in the mini series "Roots" by Alex Haley. Recently Vereen has appeared in "How I Met Your Mother", "House Of Payne", and "Mama, I Want To Sing", as well as "Law & Order" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Vereen has volunteered his time with health organizations such as The American Red Cross and The American Diabetes Association. In addition, he has served as chairman of The American Heart Association and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association.