The Borrowed Earth Cafe!

the borrowed earth cafe is a raw vegan restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago

The Borrowed Earth Cafe is a raw vegan restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Downer's Grove, Illinois. It is located 970 Warren street, right in the downtown area, very near the Metra commuter train station. When I first walked up to the door, I noticed that there was a flyer for an upcoming Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes event, reinforcing the fact that the raw food community, no matter where you go, is all somehow connected by similar people and knowledge base. Walking in, I wanted to wash my hands. I walked through the front dining area, which looks out onto the patio. Proceeding to the restrooms in the rear, I went past a long and curved counter, where you could eat while having a direct view of the food being prepared. The most striking thing about the Cafe, is how new, and clean everything is. I was very impressed by that.

I looked over the menu, and decided to go for the Loco Burrito. I am only drinking water these days, so nothing to report on the beverage. However, they do have some very interesting beverages on the menu, including the Chocolatte, which includes cacao, banana, agave, coconut water, and cayenne pepper!

The Loco Burrito was fantastic, as was the presentation. Great pride was taken in the prep and you can tell. The main ingredients were fresh guacamole, "sour cream", and spicy sunflower seeds wrapped in a corn and flax tortilla. In addition there were three small salads surrounding my burrito, including one that looked like kale. Portion size was great; I couldn't quite finish everything on the main course.

The owners, Danny and Kathy, were very friendly, and we briefly discussed how I was overcoming my diabetes by following Dr. Cousens Phase 1 diet.

An excellent raw food, raw vegan restaurant in Downer's Grove, Illinois, give the Borrowed Earth Cafe a try!