Raw Food Chef Bryan Au Interview!

Interview with Bryan Au January 7, 2011.

Raw Food Repair: How did you find out about the raw food lifestyle? Was it gradual, or did you have some sort of an "aha" moment?

Bryan Au: I definitely had an "AHA" RAW! Moment but I had no idea it was going to happen to me or that it would be about Raw Food! I thought I was going to help the world through Yoga. It happened out of the blue one day but looking back it was obviously destiny for me because everything I learned in life was actually training and to prepare me to promote and teach Raw Organic Cuisine, Snacks and Desserts to people and the World! I know everyone says this and in their own way it is true but in my case it is obvious and please let me explain how and why really quickly because I get asked this a lot, someday I will release my Autobiography and I hope it gets made into a movie I already wrote it. Ok so at age 12 I was eating a lot of $.99 Hamburgers and not really thinking much about it. Like everyone else I thought it was "Food" and it was cheap, fast and filling all good things right? WRONG!!! At age 12 I became very obese, fat and lazy I had a huge gut and I was very depressed too it all was the "food" I was eating. You are what you eat is so true. So my sister told me to go Vegetarian and it may work for me.

In Asian Culture and countries when you decide to go Vegetarian it is seen as spiritual progress and is encouraged! That is why you will see Asian Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants because they are actually trying to help people and encourage their spiritual development and upliftment so it is much more than just about being healthy or making money off of vegetarian food I just wanted to add that because intention is very important. So I gave it a try it really worked! I lost all the weight, I got a lot of energy and I was so happy again it was very amazing. But my Mom was still eating and cooking meat so she decided to teach me how to cook at age 12. I found out that it was very fun and I was very good at it I started to learn how to cook everything vegetarian style and just the way I liked it too. I went further with it and learned more from recipe books, vegetarian restaurants and I really got into it. I began to volunteer at age 18 around the World at Yoga Centers, Spiritual Centers because I wanted to add more health and harmony to the World. I wanted to show my appreciation to America by being the best I can be in terms of a healer and positive helpful person. I feel so lucky to live in the USA sure it is not perfect but having been all around the World I honestly feel it is one of the best countries to live in. So I am volunteering and learning about Yoga and cooking amazing vegetarian foods and desserts. Then I went Vegan at age 29 it seemed to be the next logical step and I wanted to try it to see if it worked and it did. It was the next level of health and well being for me. Then at age 30 I encountered Raw Organic Food for the first time in the Bahamas on Paradise Island where I was volunteering as a Vegetarian Chef at a special Holiday Yoga Retreat there. I met my first Raw Organic Food people and they handed me a flax seed cracker. At first I thought it was bird food! I asked what is this? They told me and explained to me everything about RAW Food how we don't have to cook it and can prevent all modern day diseases, cancer, obesity and problems while anti-aging, enjoying amazing energy, vitality and health! So I gave it a try and the cracker was very nutty, crunchy and actually delicious! Because I liked it so much that made the RAW Foodists very happy and they ended up teaching me EVERYTHING about Raw Food! At first I did make fun of it by saying "What is wrong with you? Are you too lazy to cook something? OR is it all sushi, salads and carrot sticks? What is this?" I mistakenly did this because it was so new and I did not understand so often people like to be funny or make up jokes to cope or deal with something new to them or that is foreign. But Raw Organic Food is definitely no joke! It is amazing, beautiful, all natural, Organic, pure, spiritual, has amazing health benefits and for the past 10+ years everyday I find out something new that RAW solves, prevents or cures in the most delicious and fun ways possible. The benefits are endless! At that time a whole new gourmet world opened up to me and that is when I had the "AHA!" Moment! All this time traveling around the world and volunteering as a Cooked Vegetarian Chef and I encountered something so new, so special so amazing! So in 1998 I vowed that I would make Raw Organic Food MAINSTREAM AND POPULAR and #1. The only problem is I had no idea how I was going to do this! But I knew it was something I had to do and wanted to do. Then suddenly without any effort on my part more and more RAW organic people, stories, chefs, books and my new girlfriend in College was ALL into RAW FOOD and all entering into my life without me trying! After returning to San Francisco I was living at a Yoga Center and volunteering still as I was going to College. Part of my duties was to drive people back and forth from the country Yoga Center in Grass Valley to the San Francisco City Center on 1200 Arguello Blvd. The 1 woman guest I was driving started to pull things out of her pocket and was eating them! I asked her what are you doing and eating? She told me Raw Organic Nuts! I said hmmm that is interesting and strange! She then went into this amazing story of how she used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee everyday and also about 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes too each and everyday. I looked at her again and noticed she was so beautiful and radiant how could it be that she abused her health this way and look this great? It must be all the Yoga! But she said no what happened was one day she woke up and literally was paralyzed! She told me that she loaded her body with so many toxins that it literally gave up and she could not move and she also looked horrible she said if I saw her at that time I would not recognize her. Then she said her friends luckily discovered her paralyzed in her bed and they got a doctor to come help her. This was in Germany. The doctor told her she must detox all the poisons and toxins from her body immediately by going on a 100% Raw Organic Food Diet. He said it was the only way and especially since she could no longer move. They did this and it worked she was able to finally move by herself in a few days and she stuck with the raw organic diet since it saved her and worked. She then was able to transform her life she spontaneously stopped all the coffee and cigarettes and really got into Yoga, health and well being and she never turned back and Raw Organic Food was her AHA moment too. I am still driving and listening and just amazed at her story and I told her what happened to me in the Bahamas and she smiled and gave me some raw organic nuts! Then a few days later when I drove more guests back to the Grass Valley Yoga Center a friend of mine during lunch time asked me "Hey Bryan would you put your head in a hot oven?" I said "No of course not!" He said well why do you cook your fruits and vegetables then? You are doing the same thing to them! I said don't be silly I am just cooking or baking them doesn't everyone? He told me about a Raw Organic Food book he was reading that explained why we should not eat or make cooked foods and why raw is the most optimal. I almost freaked out first the Bahamas, then the lady in the car now another totally random Raw Occurrence! I was still learning about RAW and was not an expert but like I said more and more RAW things were just happening to me. But I have to say it was my girlfriend in College that really got me into the RAW Food movement. She had all the recipes, special knowledge and she taught me the most about it. But that is not all because I was a photographer in college to make extra money I did freelance photography on my own and learned on my own. I did websites, products, sports teams and like anything else the more you do something the better you get at it. Little did I know it was actually training for me to do my own Food Photography for my self published RAW Food recipe book, websites and I have literally done ALL the food photography you see in all my recipes, books, websites and everything! For me it was meant to be and my calling in life and I am so happy because whenever I promote and teach RAW Food to people all my hopes, dreams and creative abilities come forth. When I do something else it doesn't work out and so to me this is confirmation that I am supposed to be a Raw Food Chef and I have had a lot of success with it from a best selling self published recipe book in 2005, a National Infomercial in 2007, series of DVDs, appearances on TV Shows, Newspapers, Magazines, my new $2 Eco Chef App for the iPhone and iPad is very popular and successful and now I finally landed my dream major publishing book deal and new Raw Recipe book that is so gorgeous and amazing with all new recipes and photos I invented that everyone will love!

Raw Food Repair: How long have you been eating this way?

Bryan Au: Since 1998 when I first encountered it on Paradise Island, the Bahamas. And I discovered many amazing health benefits on my own. In the past 3 years I passed my Vision Exam at the DMV Driver's License test! Even on vegetarian or cooked organic vegan foods I was never able to pass it only on Raw Organic Cuisine did my vision improve on its own and I was able to for the past 3 years with proof on driver's license it doesn't say Must Wear Correctional Lenses anymore! I also have more muscles, I don't get sore from weight lifting as much or from Yoga, I heal faster, I have tons of energy. All my creative and artistic abilities came out that I didn't even know I had and this year I turned 39 but people tell me I look 19 or 29!

RFR: How long have you been in the business of promoting this healthy way of life?

BA: I would have to say since 1998 but sadly in our society you can have the cure, the solution and the answers but no one will listen to you or respect you unless you have a book, a App for the iPhone, are on TV, on the news, on Websites, and so on. So in between 1998 and 2005 I actually invented tons of totally amazing new raw organic recipes but everyone that I e-mailed they didn't even e-mail me back! I was so upset and didn't understand. There were people getting cancer, obese, diabetes and they didn't have to change their diet or lifestyle they just had to enjoy a little more delicious easy raw organic food and recipes into their daily diet and that is enough to prevent, reverse their conditions! That is the thing people assume "Oh I have to go 100%" or some people won't even do it or try it because they think they have to give up everything they love or enjoy or radically change their diet or lifestyle. But I have so much experience and did so much research, met so many people and so I know that is not true at all! You only have to add a little more raw organic vegan foods to your daily diet in ways you enjoy at natural levels and what will happen is you will love it so much that you will naturally be attracted to the right level and amount of Raw Food in your life and get all the health benefits you need. Donna Karan the famous fashion designer talks about this and it is true, she says sometimes she will eat other things when she feels like it but she loves RAW Food because of how delicious it is and how good it makes her feel but she is not trapped in some dilemma or percentages like a lot of people! For some reason people just assume things I suppose but it is not even true. So even though I tried to promote it from 1998-2005 no one paid any attention to me and they didn't even reply to my e-mails! It was only after 2005 when I first self published my best selling RAW IN TEN MINUTES black and white recipe book did EVERYONE notice, everyone e-mailed me, I was invited on the Tyra Banks TV Show in her first season, I was invited to MTV, NPR Radio, magazines interviewed me and this is how our society is. So I went with it and was just glad that I was able to promote raw and teach people. But what makes my raw recipes different than everyone else's is I actually did the most research and based it on Gabriel Cousens MD a real doctor and MD. Other raw chefs and recipes are what I call "random raw" they just happen to be raw organic but have no real research and not based on any medical advice and are actually very unhealthy, dangerous and people think they are eating healthy raw organic recipes but the reverse is happening! I think I have made many enemies or people "mad" at me but guess what? I care too much about RAW and people's health to let these mistakes slip by! I won't mention names but if you read Gabriel Cousens MD's book The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine it will tell you very clearly what raw organic foods to eat and which to avoid yet I see all the raw chefs and books over using the very ingredients that are high in mycotoxins and wrong unhealthy ingredients even though they happen to be raw organic. Not all raw organic food is good for you! Just like any "diet" or food trend you MUST DO AS MUCH READING AND RESEARCH as you can before jumping into it. I found out there are different body type, conditions, ages, locations we live in and blood types that must be incorporated into every recipe and be the most optimal possible for most people I did this with all my recipes to make sure it was truly the most fun, healthy, fast, easy and amazingly delicious! When you make correct raw food all the proper elements of health, proper ingredients, preparation, proper everything comes together so the quality and flavor is out of this world! I wish other Raw Chefs would do this instead of being random and just creating random recipes in order to sell books that is not what raw is about and I am sorry but I have to say something about this and not just let it slip by. Raw is too important to me. And so are people's health and well being!

RFR: Do you incorporate exercise as part of your lifestyle? If so, what type?

BA: Yes very much so. Exercise is so important for your health. I have actually seen and met people who ate the worst foods you can possibly eat or imagine but because they exercise so much it does not negatively affect them as far as I can tell. The reason is exercise will get your circulation going but help to detox toxins and make you stronger regardless of what you are eating. But everyone is different no everyone can get away with eating bad unhealthy food and exercising to compensate for it! I have also seen people eat pure raw organic food but because they did not exercise or were very sedentary they just were not that healthy. So it is plain to see and obvious that we must move our bodies and exercise everyday! But it does not have to be painful, boring or a chore. It can be playful, fun; it can be Yoga, hiking, walking, swimming and other healthy ways to exercise! For me I began weight lifting lightly at age 12 and I increased my weight lifting each year. It was part of me wanting to lose weight, and after I went vegetarian I wanted to keep the weight off but I found that weight lifting made me feel strong and powerful it is such a natural high and great feeling after a good workout nothing can make you feel as good as that! Looking back I am glad I started at a early age because I don't really consider myself to be that "buff" or super ripped but looking back it took a lot of weights, workouts and lifting just to get the body I do have now at age 39! It I did not start a long time ago my body would not have developed or expanded into the way it has now so I was lucky to start a long time ago. I did not know but what happened is I was able to stretch my shoulders so I have wide shoulders, my neck got thicker and stronger, my back got a nice "V" shape that weight lifters all aspire to develop and so my body improved through the years by starting to weight lift at age 12 if I did not my body would have stayed very thin and not as developed as it is now but no one tells you these things and I had to be lucky and discover it on my own! I am sure that at any age you can make improvements to your body, muscles, well being so it is never too late but the sooner you start the more health benefits you get over time. For people I suggest they do what they enjoy the most so it does not seem like a chore but something they look forward to and really like to do then it is just fun. Try Yoga it is easy and one of the best things you can do.

RFR: Other than your own, which we'll cover in a minute, can you recommend any good books - either recipe, or general nutrition?

BA: Yes please read Conscious Eating and also The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine both by Gabriel Cousens MD I have to recommend this to EVERYONE whether or not they are into raw food but if you are then even better. There are a few other books I like too like Alkalize or Die it talks about food that are Alkalizing and those that are not I incorporated all that info and research into my recipes too so that people don't have to worry about my recipes being the best, they are already and they simply get to benefit and enjoy them! There is also the Paleo Diet which talks about how we ate raw food for millions of years I can literally site many books there are RAW or not RAW yet they all have a few paragraphs or pages that recommend eating as much raw organic fresh fruit and vegetables as you can. If you notice no book ever recommends or tells you to eat as much cooked, baked, fried foods as much as you can! But I read many books everyday always have. That is the only way you can learn and improve yourself. For me I wanted to design, invent and create literally the best Raw Food Recipes possible so I read as many books on diet, nutrition, health and well being as I could. I even read books about weight lifting, protein, ph balance, yeast, what makes people sick and what makes people well. What are healing foods and what are toxic foods. Sadly looking at other raw chefs or raw recipes books they did not do this! So I can't recommend other raw recipe books for this very reason. If they did do the research and followed Gabriel Cousens Advice I would full and lovingly recommend their recipes or books! I don't want to be all me, me, me! BUT I did want to talk about really quickly how before no one really knew what a Raw Chef was. And some people didn't even consider us to be "Chefs" but I have worked so hard behind the scenes and was able to make being a Raw Chef into being a Celebrity Eco Chef. Now being a RAW Chef makes you into a Celebrity Chef and it is a respected art form and I am so happy that I have helped to make this a reality. It makes being ignored between 1998-2005 worth it for me! I am one of those types of people that will not take NO for an answer and will not accept defeat or failure! If someone ignores me or won't help me or won't work with me they are actually only making me stronger, more determined, I will work harder because I use it to motivate me to be successful and to accomplish what I set out to do no matter what. And believe me I have been homeless, broken hearted, betrayed and lied to, scammed, tricked and worse! But I always stuck to my guns and to my dreams and I never game up even in the face of the most tragic or hear breaking set backs, lies, or worse I simply never gave up. That is what it takes to make a Food Trend Popular and when I self published my RAW IN TEN MINUTES in 2005 I actually was just going to move to Hawaii and live on the beach, live off of my royalties and eat mangoes and coconuts and surf my life away! But my book was so popular people invested and wanted me to open a RAW Food Restaurant so that was confirmation to me that I was on a much more important mission and task my questions were finally answered and I knew what I must do, I have to see all of my hopes, dreams and plans through until they all come true and finally in 2011 they have! I am also very happy to open doors for up and coming RAW Chefs they have many more opportunities now than ever before which was one of my main intentions and I want RAW Organic Cuisine to be the next Major Industry, a Eco Green one and provide more jobs and have more fun!

RFR: From watching your videos I've noticed so many of your recipes are simple and easy to make. How can this be?

BA: (laughs) Well the true story goes back to what happened when I returned to San Francisco from volunteering around the World. I was actually very broke and penniless I literally had only $10 left in my pocket and so I decided to move back to San Francisco finish my college education and get a regular job like everyone else, the white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a pet or something like that. Of course it did not work out that way the .Com Era just busted and there were no jobs and no housing! I was allowed to live in the basement of the Yoga Center on 1200 Arguello Blvd but this time I had to pay more rent and I had no job because no one was hiring. So I remembered my friend had a raw organic office and home delivery business in Los Angeles and he was making $1,000 cash a week so I decided why not do the same in San Francisco? So I did and it worked I too started to make $1,000 a week delivering to offices, homes, businesses and it was very fun. I had just moved back to San Francisco and had no friends so I had to do everything myself so I had to invent quick and easy recipes for all 20 to 30 clients I had each week which was a lot of food to make all by myself and I had to make them quickly and deliver them to make sure they were fresh! What I discovered on my own was that recipes can be quick and easy! They can be just a few ingredients and a pattern started to emerge. I really became a RAW CHEF out of necessity and I became very good at inventing totally new RAW Organic Recipes that no one has seen or tried before like my Mango "Cheesecake" or the world's first Raw Organic Vegan Macaroni and Cheese and many more that I invented. I discovered that there were ways to reverse engineer recipes to convert the cooked, baked, deep fried ones into a better easier Raw Organic Vegan version and I am very good at it now I can literally invent a new raw recipe by looking at any cooked recipe or food! I discovered certain food combinations, how they act together or react and it has to do with the 20+ years of me being a Vegetarian and Vegan Chef and countless thousands of hours in kitchens and restaurants all around the World. It really takes a real Chef background to be a real raw chef but I made my recipes quick, fast and easy to empower others to be RAW Chefs too! I found out that there are ways to invent recipes that are super delicious, gourmet, pretty yet so fast and easy a child can make them with supervision of course. This also revealed to me that Nature designed all the food to be eaten quickly. Fruits were designed to actually drop on the ground and either be eaten by animals or rot quickly so that the seeds can germinate and grow into more plants or trees. So food was actually designed to be very appealing and to be eaten fresh quickly. It was not designed to be cooked at all. There are no microwaves, stoves or ovens in nature! So part of my recipes being so fast and easy is because I was able to merge with the food and unlock Nature's secrets which are pure and natural and in the Paleo Diet book it talks about how we were nomadic for Millions of years we would gather and forage and eat what we can find as we wandered around. So at most we only ate 4 to 5 ingredients at a time or throughout the day. So my recipes are mostly only 4 to 5 ingredients too since we ate this way for Millions of years our bodies and dna are designed and imprinted to benefit and to enjoy this way of eating to be the most optimal. On top of this I also decided to invent recipes that I can make quickly but also so that people will get into it too. People do not have time to do or make anything that is why they eat fast food and junk food so to solve this I invented Raw In Ten Minutes recipes. Many are actually 2 or 5 minutes but no one would believe that in the title so I decided to call it Raw In Ten Minutes. Now there are no more excuses not to eat healthy incredible food and desserts! It was all part of my plan to promote Raw Organic Food and to make it Mainstream and Popular and in 2011 I was finally able to fulfill my promise not only to myself but to the World. And I am so happy all my hopes and dreams are happening. It is also very fun!

RFR: Are your recipes influenced by either your heritage, or where you have lived?

BA: Yes. I tend to think we are actually "products" of all of our life experiences. For me as a Chef and Raw Chef I definitely am influenced by people I meet, where I have traveled and so on. In different cities, towns, states and countries you will have special popular recipes and dishes that everyone really enjoys. So I recreated those into a Raw Organic Version that is fast, easy and even more delicious than what I modeled it to be like. I did invent some Vietnamese and Asian Dishes since that is where I am from and people never are able to guess that even though I often make them guess for fun (laughs). I also invented Raw Organic Recipes that are my favorites too because I want to enjoy health versions of foods that are actually toxic but that we all love like Macaroni and Cheese or Oraweos, Ice Cream, Lasagna, Pasta Alfredo and more. 2 summers ago I traveled to Japan and you can see new dishes that I invented when I came back from that super fun book and RAW Chef Class Tour. I invented a Raw Organic Ramen Noodles recipe, someone taught me a Honeydew Cucumber Soup recipe, and I started to spontaneously create recipes that look like Japanese Food or the Japanese Flag and I did this totally subconsciously without trying to on purpose! So you can see we are affected by our travels and it does expand your horizons in ways that you don't even realize. Traveling is so special and fun that way I really enjoy it a lot and I love meeting new people. For me the best part of all my experiences is the new people and friends that I make along the way. As a Raw Chef I have to keep inventing new recipes and foods, recently I was able to invent a entirely new Food Category and Desserts made entirely out of 100% Raw Organic Fruit yet they look like savory dishes like Mango Penne Pasta, "Cheeseburger and Fries", "Steak and Mashed Potato Dinner" but is all made out of fruit! So RAW is so much fun for me because it forces me and also allows me to be so creative everyday I love it!

RFR: What are some of your favorite raw foods?

BA: It depends on the time of year, weather, my mood; it changes from time to time. I still love my Oraweo recipe because I have made it thousands of times but it still tastes amazing and delicious to me I never get tired of it and it is so easy to make too and has tons of health benefits. My Pasta Alfredo is great but my new favorite is my World's first Raw Organic Vegan "Pepperoni Pizza" it actually looks and tastes even BETTER than the cooked or baked version! It is one of many new recipes that I reveal and share in my new recipe book.

RFR: What are types of foods to stay away from, i.e. in your opinion which are really bad?

BA: There are many but I don't want to be the "bad guy" so please get and read The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens MD it should be required reading in my opinion. He lists all the "bad" and "good" and explains in detail why. It is a lot of information so I can't just list them here and it would not be fair to have all the information to explain the reasoning behind it all. Gabriel's books are so truly magnificent and inspiring on top of being essential and important. I so appreciate what he has done no one else did as much research or risked telling the truth even if it is unpopular, it is still very important to know the facts and the truth about food. But I also want to point out that everyone is different what may be good to one person may be very bad to the next and so on so please read and do the research!

RFR: OK, if you could only eat one raw food meal for a week straight, what would it be?

BA: Wow that is a tough one. I may have to say a Green Smoothie! Because it has all the nutrients you need and is very filling, fast and satisfying if made correctly. But if it had to be food then I may have to choose a salad! This is because you can put tons of things into a salad and it is green food which you should be eating everyday anyway but I actually have eaten a salad everyday for a week and it was very similar each time I made it. But if it had to be a raw organic gourmet meal I would choose a pizza with tons of toppings!

RFR: I understand you have an exciting new book that is out. Can you give us a few highlights? Can you give us a web address where readers can find out more, and then order a copy of your new book?

BA: Yes I would love to! My new raw organic recipe book is my life's work, hopes, dreams, goals and fantasy all rolled into one amazing fantastic gorgeous 200 Page Full Color Recipe book! By a top publisher too I was so lucky because they decided to put their best top book designers to help me create the most colorful, vibrant, creative recipe book in the history of recipes books! I wanted it to be the best possible in terms of a recipe book, cooked, raw or not it is a gorgeous book. Many raw recipe books may have a color cover but inside is all green or black and white with maybe a few color photos so for mine I made sure it was 100% FULL COLOR GLOSSY because lets be honest we love full color photos and especially in a recipe book! I also made sure it was large at 8.5" x 11" and that they are many full color beautiful food photos for each and every recipe too. I designed the recipe book to be an adventure much like my own raw discovery and adventure in real life. As you turn the page each recipe and photo gets more progressively spectacular and improved so you then look forward to each page and it just gets better and better and you can't stop and you want to see everything, learn everything and will truly enjoy this book. You will literally enter into my highest aspirations and dreams because that is what this book represents and what my best loving healing intentions manifested after all the adventures, world travels, romances, heart aches, successes, failures, experiments, triumphs, and finally a major breakthrough this book is the result! I also literally embedded all of my love, wishes, hopes and dreams and the best of what I have in my heart and soul into each and every word, photo, page and recipe in this book so I hope everyone will get it and enjoy it. I can't stop reading it and looking at it because it truly is so colorful, vibrant and wonderful I know everyone will love it too! It is now available and I reveal many totally new recipes and photos that you can't get or find anywhere else in any of my previous recipe books, my Eco Chef App or website. I did this on purpose and invented totally new recipes just for the book so that everyone can enjoy it. I have a new Fruit Danish, Pepperoni Pizza, Spicy Schezwan Noodles, Pecan Pie, Blueberry Mousse with Oatmeal Crust, and many totally new fun recipes and surprises!

You can get it for special price of only $15 on my main website and it is personally autographed and signed by me with a fun unique different personal message to each person who gets it for fun. A new tree is also planted from each purchase and everywhere else it will be $27 or more without the fun autograph or signed message and it may take weeks or months longer before it is on Amazon.com or into bookstores nationwide because it takes a while for Amazon.com to hand list it on their website they have tons of new books that have to be entered by hand and it takes a while for books to get shipped to stores and get on the bookshelf. So people can get it faster and now through me from my main website: RawInTenMinutes.com - just click the bright yellow new book cover on the upper left hand corner it will take you to the Secure Paypal Page where you can see more photos, information and details and complete your purchase there.

RFR: Besides your book, what other services do you currently provide for people looking to change their lives for the better?

BA: I still enjoy teaching Raw Chef Classes around the World, lecturing, giving out free samples, catering and have been catering big Hollywood Celebrity Events and Parties or Charity Events are my favorite because I love giving back to the community. I have a big Golden Globes Celebrity Event I am catering next week and I love teaching my recipes on TV too. It is all a lot of fun for me to see totally new people enjoy RAW Organic Food for the first time or to try my recipes for the first time too if they had other raw foods previously. They just love it, their faces light up, they are so happy and they will hug me or thank me and there are so many fun aspects with food but with RAW Organic food it is more fun because is so new, vibrant, healthy and the best. I like to be on TV because I can reach out to the most Millions of people and my whole intention is to empower as many people and get them to enjoy RAW Organic Food and Desserts just as much as we do! My life is very simple and I try to keep it that way I don't have a lot of needs so if I can help people become happy, healthy and smile then that is what makes me smile and happy too!

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