Stay Raw With A Cooler!

keep fresh fruit and veggies with you in a cooler

Keep a cooler or insulated tote bag with you and save time on your lunch hour for productivity or relaxation! Don't waste time waiting in long lines at the typical lunch joint, only to realize the only offering on the menu you can eat is a salad, or an overpriced piece of fruit. Pack your own lunches. Put fruit salad, fresh fruit, tomato, avocado, or any number of creative raw dishes or leftovers from last night's dinner in insulated tote that you bring with you to work.

In addition, you don't have to waste any money or time at restaurants. But, on occasion, do take your co-workers to a raw food restaurant to introduce them to how creative and tasty raw food can be. And for now at least, you probably won't have a huge line to deal with (until the raw revolution catches on!)

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