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I began my raw food journey looking for a diabetes cure. But here is how I got to that point. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, lymphoma to be exact. After 6 months of chemotherapy the lymphoma was gone. However, the doctors consider this "remission". They say the only way to be sure it is truly gone is with a bone marrow transplant, OUCH! I decided not to go through with the bone marrow transplant. I have to go in for blood test every 4 to 6 months, so far so good.

In addition to all that, after the chemotherapy, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The doctors think the two (chemo and diabetes) are unrelated, but I am skeptical. Can you really put those sort of chemicals and stress on the body and not have any adverse effects? I had heard type 2 diabetes could be reversed with diet and exercise, so after a few years of half hearted attempts, I am really buckling down with my diet and exercise, and eating much, much more raw and vegan. Actually, it wasn't so much half hearted attempts as lack of knowledge. I thought that if I ate "healthy" that I could reverse this disease. Well what many in the mainstream consider "healthy" falls really short of true nourishment, and allowing your body to heal itself. Through trial and error, as well as taking advice from a variety of sources, and eating mostly raw and vegan I was finally able to see progress towards my diabetes cure.

REVERSE YOUR DIABETES NOW! is an excellent and concise protocol to follow. This is a fantastic ebook you can download instantly by Joe Barton. I follow the advice in this book and my fasting blood glucose is consistently in the mid-90s and trending lower! Please note that this program does not stress as much of a raw vegan solution, but does stress minimal red meats, and a large percentage of cooked and raw vegan food. Refer to it on a daily basis and you can achieve your own dramatic results!

In looking for a diabetes cure, I have learned that type 2 diabetes is much different than type 1. Type 2 is called adult onset diabetes, and it is really a result of poor lifestyle choices. Poor choices over time lead to improper functioning of digestion and getting the nutrients and blood glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells that need them. I decided to dive into eating raw and vegan and this site represents my experience and what I've learned. The following DVD was a tremendous help and I would suggest that you consider acquiring it. This DVD shows what it is like at Dr. Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life Center and the healing is based on raw and vegan nutrition. You can learn about what's going on, the experts involved, and SEE THE TRAILER for the film here: SIMPLY RAW DVD!

Regards, James Reno

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