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Diana Stobo

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Diana Stobo, the author of "Get Naked Fast: A Guide To Stripping Away The Foods That Weigh You Down".

Raw Food Repair: Did you have an "aha" moment that became a catalyst for change to a healthy lifestyle? Can you describe it?

Diana Stobo: Everyone instinctually knows that they could do better for themselves, but we don’t necessarily focus on our needs until something brilliant happens that sends us on the right track. For me, it was the moment I went to the emergency room for a bleeding ulcer, shot up on morphine for the pain, I decided at that moment I was not going to continue living like this. Something had to change.

Raw Food Repair: What percentage of your diet is vegan?

Diana Stobo: I would say 85-95%

RFR: What percentage of your diet is raw?

DS: About 80%

RFR: Can you explain why you are not 100% raw and vegan?

DS: You know, I lived 100% raw/vegan lifestyle for about 11 months, but I don’t anymore. I felt great, and it was good for me to experience. Now I don’t limit myself by percentages but rather live by what feels good in my body. Animal products don’t feel good in my body, so I avoid them. Cooked foods tend to slow me down and weigh heavy on me, but when my body craves them, I eat them.

Raw Food Repair: Your book mentioned eating a more alkaline diet. Is it ever recommended to eat more acidic foods? Can you give some examples of healthy acidic foods?

Diana Stobo: Actually, my book talks about eating a balanced diet. Mostly we live in an acidic environment, with life stresses and such, so we need to balance with alkaline foods. But, sometimes we can be too alkaline, (especially if we re living on ALL raw fresh produce) and that would be a time to incorporate more “healthy” acidic foods, like bananas and most nuts and seeds. The goal is a acid/alkaline balance.

RFR: What are types of foods to stay away from, i.e. in your opinion which are really bad?

DS: Oh that’s easy! Anything processed. I would never touch a soda, boxed crackers, any product that has a shelf life longer than a month. Fast foods and chain restaurants are laden with sodium and bad oils, so they would be on my list of things to avoid.

RFR: Do you incorporate exercise as part of your lifestyle? If so, what type?

DS: I love to move my body in any way that I can. I walk, hike, and even run at times. I dance, yoga, and do Pilates, But none of this is scheduled into my life lately, so I make sure to keep moving and play a lot. Any movement can make your body happy.

RFR: What services do you currently provide for people looking to change their lives for the better?

DS: Well, of course my book "Get Naked Fast" is the best “Get Started” book, and I have an ongoing blog, plus I post a new recipe every week, whether in writing or on video as well as a new instructional dessert DVD.

RFR: If you could only eat or drink one thing (or concoction) for a week straight, what would it be?

DS: My morning almond milkshake. It’s a base of fresh almond milk, a frozen banana, stevia, and then any other flavor I can add from there- fruit, greens, or superfoods. It’s rich, satisfying and delicious.

RFR: When we spoke, you mentioned some exiting projects you are working on, anything we should be looking out for?

DS: I have a bunch of books in the works, the next one being “Naked Bliss, naughty and nutritious milkshakes that make you feel so good”. My books aren’t just about recipes, they are filled with tips to maintain a “Naked lifestyle”.

Raw Food Repair: If readers of this interview want to learn more about you and your services where should they go?

Diana Stobo: They can go to my website DianaStobo.com or my store TheNakedShoppe.com.

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