Hippocrates Health Institute Raw Food Retreat!

hippocrates health institute is a beautiful tropical setting in west palm beach florida

The Hippocrates Health Institute is well known in the raw community as one of the best places to go for a raw food retreat. Tonight I am going to a lecture by one of the founders, Viktoras Kulvinskas. The other founder was Ann Wigmore, who passed away in 1994.

The lecture was in the backyard of one of our local residents, Jennifer Girard. www.JenniferGirard.com It was the perfect setting to discuss wellness and raw food. Jennifer had a large and well landscaped yard, including a coy pond! Quite an urban oasis. Viktoras is a thin, yet vibrant man of about 70. He spoke with a booming voice which we could hear over the nearby elevated commuter train which roared by on occasion. He spoke for nearly 2 hours straight on a variety of topics from ecology, to sleep patterns to enzymes. I was rapt the entire time. After the discussion we were able to meet Viktoras and ask him questions. I asked if I should reduce my fruit intake to help cure my diabetes faster. He responded that as long as my fruit intake was moderate, I did not have to, but that I should supplement with enzymes to aid digestion. That is on my "to do" list, and I will be researching them later today! Of course, you will be able to follow my progress in the diabetes portion of this site.