Incredible transformation with raw food!

by Ken Gray
(Palm Springs, CA)



Just before Halloween lat year I was in a coma like slumber--heavily medicated with booze and food--and the scale read 254 lbs. My life was going nowhere and I had become so used to depression that I no longer thought there was any other way to process the world...

I was BARELY functioning. When I would get off work late at night (I'm a bartender) I would bring home a pizza and grab a case of beer or a bottle of bourbon at the liquor store on the way home. I would stay up until 3 or 4am eating and drinking by myself EVERY NIGHT. When I added up how much I was drinking it was well over 100 adult beverages a week.

You know what's really gross and horrible? After binging every night and getting drunk I would crawl in bed exhausted only to wake repeatedly from terrible acid reflux. It was disgusting to wake up coughing and choking on my own putrid acidic bile.

Things were getting bad enough that my girlfriend would cautiously try to broach the subject with me on almost a daily basis. She said that my skin and sweat smelled like whiskey. The problem was that I only had two ways of feeling about things...deeply depressed or angry. I lashed out a lot and wanted to blame anyone but myself for what was going on with me.

I knew I needed some kind of radical change and remembered that about two years before, prior to this downward slip n' slide, I had benefited enormously when I'd experimented with raw foods. In fact, at one point I got so enthusiastic that I ate only raw for 30 days. The result had been insane level of new energy and something that can only be called bliss. Even more important I remembered that eating raw had automatically erased my food & alcohol cravings...

Since I was kind of grasping at straws anyways, I thought why the hell not? That's when I made up my mind that NO MATTER WHAT I was going to once again eat ONLY raw foods...but this time for 60 days! My hope was that doing so would somehow help me to dig myself out of depression and shed the enormous amount of weight that was keeping me down physically and mentally.

It worked! Some of you followed along with me on my blog "fat kid suit" or on Twitter (@livenudefood).

The rapid weight loss was uncanny. Thirty seven pounds in just eight weeks. My acid reflux and the beginnings of a hernia completely disappeared. But way more than that was the change in how I FELT! So much raw energy. A euphoric perception of my life and the possibilities it holds out for me.

The results were SO drastic that the local newspaper asked me if they could do a feature story about my raw food "transformation." HELL YES was my response--I wanted as many people as possible to read about the power of raw foods.

I am still losing weight and even though I finished my 60 day raw food challenge, at least 2/3 of my daily intake is still 100% raw. Some days I eat raw all day, and other days I eat raw until dinner. I have a cocktail or two a week now, and some nights I have a glass of wine with dinner. My food cravings are in check, and because I feel so much better I now have the energy and the desire to EXERCISE!

In fact, I am currently blogging about my new challenge: 90 straight days of exercise! I'm 22 days into that challenge and enjoying a lot of hiking, Bikram Yoga, push-ups, and bike riding! None of that would have been possible without the changes that came from my time eating 100% raw. No way!

The other thing that's cool is that several other people were inspired to join me and do 90 straight days of exercise themselves while introducing more raw food into their diets!

You can read daily posts and recipes from my 60 day raw food challenge on my blog (, and find a link to the newspaper article that shows my before and after pictures.

Please let me know if you would like to join us on the daily exercise challenge! It's not about getting into a stinky gym--it's about natural fitness and enjoying the experience of using your legs and lungs every day!

Ken Gray

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Feb 01, 2010
RE: Ken's story
by: Anonymous


Excellent job! It is always nice to read about success stories like yours. Keep up the good work and stay raw!


Jan 25, 2010
Great Raw Food Success Story!
by: Jim


Great story. Congratulations on all your progress
and thanks for sharing. This will inspire many others!

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