More Juicer Recipes In Different Colors!

juicer recipes with strawberries

Here are some more juicer recipes. Not all healthy juices are green and I wanted to share some fun and healthy recipes with a different look and flavor! Just think of all the colors available to you by the different fruits and vegetables: Red, blue, purple (beets), orange, yellow etc. Enjoy all the benefits of juicing including more energy, faster recovery after workouts and a great start to your day, you need even more juice combinations.

This one is called the Yellow Submarine:

One cup of fresh pineapple chunks without the skin. One lemon, cut into halves, and 1/2 teaspoon of stevia

Put in your juicer and you will have one serving (1 cup) of delicious and bright summer drink with the following nutritional benefits:

In addition to the Vitamin C you will get: Calories 82, Fat 0, Carbohydrates 22 grams, Protein 1 gram.

Here is great orange colored juice, apple carrot juice! This has plenty of Vitamin C as well.

Calories 215, Fat 0, Carbohydrates 58 grams, Protein 1 gram.

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