A Simple Liver Cleanse!

lemons are vital for a good liver cleanse

A liver cleanse is to detox both the liver, as well as the gallbladder. Done properly, gallstones will be removed. The most common recipe for liver detox is lemon or grapefruit juice, sometimes both, mixed with olive oil. Below are videos showing a liver detox. Please be warned. The videos are not for the squeamish as he shows the "results" of the cleanse!

Here is another, similar cleanse from wiki how.

"Prepare for the cleanse by drinking fresh apple juice for 3 days. Meals should be small amounts of raw salad or unprocessed fruit. The apple juice will help to flatten any gall stones that you may pass after the cleanse.

First get the cleanse ingredients. You'll need Epsom Salts (4 tablespoons mixed in 4 cups of water), Olive Oil, Fresh Grapefruit juice and Lemon juice, and perhaps some sleep aids if you are a light sleeper.

Do the cleanse. Choose a Saturday if possible so that you have Sunday for recovery! Here is the routine you should follow:

At 6pm, drink 1 cup of the Epsom Salt water. Repeat at 8pm.

At 10pm, mix the fruit juices with one cup of olive oil. Drink it, go to bed and get a good sleep while the cleanse does its work!

At 7am the next morning, drink 1 cup of the Epsom Salt water. Repeat at 9am and finish the mixture.

Eat only light fruits and vegetables for the rest of the day, with lots of water. Your liver should be clean and emptied of gall stones and by the evening you should feel great!"

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