Lowering Blood Glucose With Raw Food!

lowereing blood glucose with a raw food diet

Lowering blood glucose can be done by eating raw! That is a fact and I can attest to it. Once you start your raw food diet, you’ll notice a change in your glucose level. And you know what’s good about it too? Lowering blood glucose does not require any medication; all you have to do is eat raw! There is actually a science that explains why raw food diet is effective in lowering glucose level. In fact in an article published by the American Diabetes Association entitled A Low-Fat Vegan Diet Improves Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Randomized Clinical Trial in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes, result of the test concluded that a low-fat vegan diet improves glycemic control.

LOWER YOUR BLOOD GLUCOSE NOW! Here is an excellent and concise protocol for lowering blood glucose. This is a fantastic ebook you can download instantly by Barton Publishing. Please note that this program does not stress as much of a raw vegan solution, but does stress minimal red meats, and a large percentage of cooked and raw vegan food. This is a different but also effective way to reverse your diabetes from the methods shown in the video on this page. It is not a 100% raw food diabetes protocol. So please consider which lifestyle you are more comfortable with and will be able to follow for maximum benefit!

A raw food vegan diet’s main staple is vegetable. Plant-based foods—such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain products--are excellent sources of dietary fibers. Food that contains fiber and other types of carbohydrates are perfect for lowering blood glucose levels. How? Let’s use broccoli as an example. Broccoli is a low glycemic food. This means, it takes a while for its carbohydrate content to be digested and converted into glucose. Raw broccoli’s carbohydrate content is from sugar and dietary fiber. Unlike sugar, dietary fibers cannot be broken down into glucose. In fact, it goes down the intestinal tract undigested. Fiber affects digestion of other carbohydrate. Also, fiber in the intestinal tract slows down glucose absorption. This results to a low glucose level in the blood.

Eating raw food and going vegan is more than a diet; it is a lifestyle. With that said, it is easy to say why a raw food diet has an effect on blood glucose level. Part of a raw food lifestyle is healthy living. Exercise is usually done in conjunction with a raw food diet. Research shows that even a small amount of exercise is sufficient to pull your glucose level down. Get moving and start engaging on physical activities! You don’t have to join a marathon to lower your glucose level. A simple organic gardening is enough to keep you active. Know more on how to grow your organic garden by following this link. You can see the trend of lowering blood glucose in my daily journal:

April 15, 2009 130

Started transitioning to raw vegan – 176 lbs

April 16, 2009 122 April 17, 2009 121 Walked 2.5 miles, jogged 2 miles April 18, 2009 115 Walked 3 miles – cheat of apple pie April 19, 2009 127 April 20, 2009 125 April 21, 2009 129 50 pushups 50 crunches 50 squats April 22, 2009 106 Walked 3 miles April 23, 2009 103 50 Squats April 24, 2009 111 Walked2miles50calf raises50 crunches 174lbs April 25, 2009 104 Walked 1.25 miles Jogged 1.25 miles April 26, 2009 122 Walked 2 miles, 300 lifecycle, 80 crunches April 27, 2009 105 400 lifecycle – 172 lbs April 28, 2009 113 500 lifecycle April 29, 2009 102 60 crunches 60 grippers 60 squats April 30, 2009 87 500 lifecycle

May 1, 2009 100 3 sets curls, 50 crunches, walked 3 miles Started taking ½ dose of meds May 2, 2009 115 500 lifecycle - 171 lbs May 3, 2009 116 500 lifecycle May 4, 2009 112 Walked 3 miles May 5, 2009 103 Walked 3 miles May 6, 2009 114 Jogged 2 miles – 169 lbs May 7, 2009 102 Walked 8 miles Off meds completely!!! – 168 lbs May 8, 2009 109 jogged 1.75 miles walked 1.75 miles 50 pushup May 9, 2009 97 100 crunches, walked 7.5 miles May 10, 2009 110 100 forearm squeezes, walked 4 miles May 11, 2009 112 Jogged 2 miles – 169 lbs

UPDATE AS OF JUNE 24: Blood glucose averaging 110 for June. Today it was 95! My weight is 156 lbs. Down a full 20 lbs since transitioning to raw vegan on April 15.

UPDATE AS OF FEB 28, 2010: Blood glucose averaged 100 for February! My weight is 150 lbs., down 26 lbs.

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