No More Meat And Dairy Equals Big Savings!

no more meat and dairy equals happy cows and a happy wallet

No more meat and dairy saves me a lot of money at the grocery store. Have you seen the prices of beef, chicken, and especially fish lately? Unbelievable. It is amazing how much you can really save by not buying all the things you used to. Here is just a partial list: Meat, bread, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, cereal, microwavable dinners such as Healthy Choice etc. The convenient items such as the microwavable dinners, frozen pizzas etc. are really the worst value as far as trading dollars for nutrition. Sure, like everything else, the raw foods, fruits and vegetable are going up, but at least you are getting nutrients for your money.

I typically spend about $70 per week now buying raw food and preparing it at home. Prior to going raw, I used to spend almost that amount getting sugary drinks and snacks just taking an upscale "coffee" break. Figure it out, 7 breaks per week with a beverage and breakfast sandwich is about $70. And it is not nutritious at all!

I now eat out much less frequently, and when I do, it is a raw restaurant. I drink mostly water, tea, or homemade lemonade (sweetened with stevia). This is much healthier, and much easier on my wallet. These savings in groceries is really only the tip of the iceberg compared to other ways going raw saves you money, time, health and energy benefits!