The Optimum Health Institute From A Patron's Perspective!

sunset over the pacific ocean near the optimum health institute

A friend of Raw Food Repair, Marie from Colorado, recently spent some time at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, California. Here's what she had to say:

"I arrived at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego about 3pm in the afternoon on Sunday. This being my 6th trip out there, my body immediately remembers from the unique smell of green where I am and what we are about to do. DETOX. I opt for the meal plan without sugars (no beets, carrots, watermelon or fruits). I have no problems with sugars but why not give my body a week or two without it. The program here is so supportive and easy from the standpoint that I am not the one preparing meals! I just show up and eat what they present me.

I love this place. Unlimited water, wheatgrass juice and rejuvelac, and seconds on meals if you feel you need it. The program includes exercise class every morning or afternoon. Breakfast is at 8:30 am - not too early for those who like to sleep in a bit. There are morning and afternoon educational classes that are fabulous! It's the best of anatomy class in three weeks or less! You learn why you are doing this cleanse and how to support the body when you leave. I have found this part of the program as important at the food they serve you. It has changed my life! The food has steadily improved over the years. There is a new chef since the last time I was there and the food is amazing! Much more interesting and still raw! Lots of baby greens, tomatoes, sprouts, seed cheese, raw crackers and a few new sauces that were delightful! The raw tomato soup was delicious.

The program is a three week program, but you can go one week at a time if you wish. I would suggest that for your first visit to stay at least two weeks if not the full three. It will do amazing things for you well being. I left there with fifty times more energy than I had when I arrived! Feel free to call them at OHI if you have any questions. They have the information you need."