Grow Your Own Organic Garden!


Growing your own organic garden has many perks! The benefits are just overwhelming and are definitely hard to ignore. For a raw vegan, if you have a chance, growing your own garden is certainly worth trying. After all, if you’re eating raw, you might as well know firsthand what’s in the food you eat. Not only is it wise, but it is also safe. This is why organic is important when selecting raw food to eat. You are consuming your food in its natural state, such that eating raw food with chemicals will definitely do your body harm. Organic gardening is the best way to create nutrient-rich foods both flavorful and healthy.

Grow your own garden and enjoy the nutritious fruits of your own labor! There is nothing more relaxing and stress free than creating your own garden. Gardening provides a new challenge, both physically and mentally, as you plan and nurture your seeds and seedlings. If exercising inside a confined gym is not your thing, then, organic gardening is an excellent physical activity substitute. It is a productive way of exercising because, not only are you keeping yourself fit and healthy, but you are also producing organic foods to supplement your raw vegan lifestyle. It provides a nice break from everyday stress, phone calls, bills etc. and allows you to get out in the sunshine for some free vitamin D! Definitely a great way to de-stress and take a breather from the hectic lifestyle we are so used to having.

In addition, you can be creative and personalize your garden, as well as plant the types of foods that you enjoy. Your garden, your choice! Depending on how much time you want to dedicate to your garden, you can choose to make it a hobby, or really use it to save on your produce bills.

I have a small garden in my yard in the city and it is a great little micro getaway from urban landscape. It is also a great way to get in touch with nature—an act long forgotten. It brings a special kind of spirituality seeing life grow from a small seed. It reminds us that there is a nurturing and caring side in all of us. Following the life cycle of man, the gardening concept is based on birth, life, death and return to soil for decomposition. In a plant life cycle, the decomposition will enrich the soil supporting the continuity of the plant life cycle. An amazing natural miracle that is both humbling and enlightening!

Organic gardening is environment-friendly. In the 80’s, interest in organic gardening has been rising significantly due to increasing awareness of various environmental problems and health problems associated with chemical fertilizers. In the past decade, more and more organically produced foods are made available to the public. If you are fortunate and have more space available, you can really create an enjoyable, productive and sustainable sanctuary that nourishes you mentally, spiritually and physically, and last but not the least, it saves you money on grocery bills! Find out more about composting for your garden and other green living ideas at Easy Green Living.

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