Osteoporosis And A Raw Food Lifestyle!

build strong bones through exercise and raw food to avoid osteoporosis

As related to osteoporosis, people generally wonder where they are going to get enough calcium on a raw food diet. In fact there are plenty of sources of calcium in a plant based diet. In fact a review of the subject in 1976 in the "Postgraduate Medical Journal" revealed that calcium deficiency through a plant based diet is not known to occur in humans at all. Osteoporosis is defined as the loss of bone mineral density, which causes the bones to become weak, porous and brittle. Women seem to be more likely than men to experience this due to the fact that estrogen helps to protect bones and after menopause, and there is less estrogen post menopause.

Since the body gets enough calcium through diet (see above) it needs to be absorbed into the body and put to good use. The catalyst for mineral absorption is vitamin D, so that is really what it needed for healthy bones. And vitamin D can be obtained easily through diet, supplements, or good old fashioned sunshine!Exercise keeps the bones strong, as well. Remember Wolff's law on bone density. Use it or lose it! A main cause of bone density loss is an improper ph balance in the blood. This pH balance is referring ph in the bloodstream and tissues of the body itself. Our bodies must keep the acid/alkaline balance perfectly at all times.

A discussion of the importance of pH balance and bone health.

A pH measurement of about 7 to 7.4 is excellent. An improper diet can quickly make our body too acidic, resulting in a lower pH. When the body becomes too acidic, it will draw calcium and other minerals into the bloodstream to buffer the acidity and bring the body into a more alkaline state. It will take this calcium from wherever it can find it, including our teeth and bones!

Acid producing foods include dairy, caffeine, sugar. So we are much better off getting our calcium from greens, nuts, fruit and seeds.

Greens are unparalleled in calcium absorption. Because of the lower protein and salt, and higher potassium content, the body absorbs more calcium from spinach, kale, broccoli and collard greens than from milk.

Potassium also ensures better calcium absorption. Fruits with both potassium and calcium include oranges and bananas.

So the best way to ensure strong bones and avoid osteoporosis is to eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise, and get out in the sunshine!

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