Raw Creations Delivers the Goodies!

Raw Creations

Raw Creations is just the type of business that most people could not dream up in 100 years of sleep! Its niche is so unique, and yet its product so good, that it competes with and exceeds more mainstream choices. I am talking about the raw, vegan, and organic dessert arena! In addition all of the Raw Creation desserts are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and have No Added Sodium.

Jason Janiak of Justice, Illinois has created a truly magnificent business that is the go to place for wholesale and retail buyers who want both tasty AND healthy desserts. Some examples are his Raw Cacao Ganache Tart, Raw Cacao Cake (which is delicious and similar to chocolate mousse!) and Raw Carrot Cheesecake. In addition there are several varieties of cookies and macaroons. In fact we had these desserts at our Raw Food Repair Event in Chicago. Everyone raved about them and they were the hit of the party! What a great way to introduce people to eating raw and vegan.

This business has two web addresses www.Raw-Creations.com which includes nutritional and background information and www.Raw-Creations.biz for ordering your desserts. In addition you can purchase your desserts at select Whole Foods stores!

Thanks Jason for all your great work. At Raw-Food-Repair we look forward to having your special desserts at all our events!

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