Use a Raw Food Blender for Great Smoothies!

use raw food blender for great smoothies

I use a raw food blender to make great raw food smoothies and green smoothies almost every day! You want to choose a very durable blender if you are going raw. Mine is a professional model from Starbucks and has both low and high speeds, as well as a reverse feature where the teeth on the back of the blades are used for crushing ice! Blenders are also great for making raw desserts. I was on YouTube the other day and saw a woman make chocolate mousse out of primarily raw cacao and avocado using her blender. Other than what I have, one of the most consistent brand that gets great reviews for blenders is Oster. If I were ever to start shopping for a new blender I would start looking at Oster which has blenders starting in the $60 range. If you have it in the budget ($300-$400), other popular brands recommended by raw vegans include VitaMix and Blendtec. These have additional features, higher horsepower motors, and larger containers.

Here is raw vegan chef Ani Phyo making ice cream with her blender.