Raw Food Celebrities!

celebrities are eating raw food Demi Moore eats raw food

There are many raw food celebrities these days. A partial list includes Demi Moore, Carol Alt, Sting, Uma Thurman, Angela Bassett, David Bowie, Lisa Bonet, Beyonce, Robin Williams, designer Donna Karan, Alicia Silverstone, Chef Charlie Trotter and Apple CEO Steven Jobs. Jon Mack, actress in the latest Halloween thriller Saw VI, is even a raw vegan.

All these celebrities want to stay fit and look younger. There are even more raw food celebrities such as Woody Harrelson and Ben Vereen.

Supermodel Carol Alt, even wrote two books "Eating in the Raw" and "The Raw 50". Encouraged by his bandmate Toca Rivera, two-time Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz chooses to eat raw vegan.

And what did Morgan Spurlock do immediately after filming "Supersize Me"? He went on a raw food detox prepared by his wife who is a raw food chef!

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