Raw Food Cost is Much Lower!

raw food meals cost less

Raw food cost is much less than most people think. There are many reasons for this. First, there are many very expensive grocery items like meat and dairy you do not have to buy. Second, there is a huge savings in that you tend to eat out much less. And finally, the nutritional value is so high, that you will be satisfied on much less food than you are used to eating. In addition to all the above savings, energy is saved as you do not cook with a raw food diet. This saves cooking fuel, as well as air conditioning cost needed to cool down the house when cooking in the summer.

There are also some other cost savings as well. Your health will improve, leading to less doctor visits and less money spent on medication. Related to that is opportunity cost. You will have much more focus, as well as energy to get things done. This leads to improved performance on the job or in your business. This is really the greatest economic benefit of all. You can accomplish great things while living a raw food lifestyle.

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