Raw Food Detox!

a raw food diet and raw food detox

A raw food detox is interpreted in different ways depending on how one defines "detox". Detox is short for detoxification, in other words removing toxins from the body. For those with a Standard American Diet (SAD) it can mean having one green smoothie. For those who really want to transition to a raw food lifestyle, it means transitioning relatively quickly, or immediately. Here are some raw food recipes if you want to get started eating raw food. Some people experience detox symptoms if they alter their eating habits too fast and too drastic. I transitioned a little slower and the only symptoms I had were headaches from cutting out caffeine.

While some 100% raw vegan practitioners only consider detox special above and beyond methods such as a juice only fasting session, or procedure such as colon hydrotherapy. There are also specific mixtures for specific cleansing such as a liver cleanse.

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