Raw Food Diabetes Reversal!

stop eating doughnuts! raw food diabetes reversal is at hand

I have had incredible success with raw food diabetes reversal. In only the first two weeks of my raw food diet I have reduced my blood glucose level from an average of 137 down to 113. My most recent reading as of this writing was 87, well within the normal range! 4 days ago I decided to cut my medication in half. I was taking 5mg of extended release glipizide and am now taking 2.5 mg each morning. My blood glucose has still averaged only 113! My goal is averaging under one hundred, and off the medication completely.

I am setting a short term goal of averaging 115 or less with no medication by May 31, 2009. I am going to increase my daily exercise to either a 2 mile jog, 8 miles of walking, or heavier workout with weights each day.

UPDATE: I reached my goal! I am averaging about 111 on no medication as of July 20, 2009.

UPDATE: I am so close to reaching my ultimate goal! As of today, January 26, 2010 my blood glucose has averaged only 101 for the month of January. Today it was 95. If you would like to see the power of raw food diabetes reversal, be sure to get the DVD featured below.

REVERSE YOUR DIABETES NOW! is an excellent and concise protocol to follow. This is a fantastic ebook you can download instantly by Joe Barton. I follow the advice in this book and my fasting blood glucose is consistently in the mid-90s and trending lower! Please note that this program does not stress as much of a raw vegan solution, but does stress minimal red meats, and a large percentage of cooked and raw vegan food. This is a different but also effective way to reverse your diabetes from the methods shown in the video on this page. It is not a 100% raw food diabetes protocol. So please consider which lifestyle you are more comfortable with and will be able to follow for maximum benefit!

Have you ever tried to convince your friends and family about the power of raw and living foods? Have you ever had some resistance? If you're like me I'm guessing the answer is YES to both questions.

There's an unbelievable film that is EXTREMELY powerful in helping to open up people to the importance of what they eat (and if you need that push as well it's important for you to see it also).

And over the next couple of weeks 53 experts from the raw food health community are helping to get this film out there to the public by giving away E-books, audios, recipes, magazines, coupons and more to support the film and The Movement to Reverse Diabetes that was spawned from the film. If you haven't yet seen the film "Simply Raw" then now is the time to check it out. The film is about 6 patients experiencing raw food diabetes reversal. It is amazing!

Even if you're not a diabetic it's still important that you see this film. It will help you to do that "Convincing" with friends (and maybe with yourself) a lot easier.

The exciting thing about a movie like Simply Raw is that it's a PASSIVE way of spreading powerful information. Like I said before, convincing your friends about raw food can be tough.

But with "Simply Raw" you just have the friends and family over, sit back, relax and let the movie tell the tale. And once they're hooked into the power of raw and living foods you have hours of more footage with the companion to the film, the "Raw for Life Encyclopedia"

This is a must have for everybody who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones: CHECK OUT THIS POWERFUL DOCUMENTARY!

James Reno

Does all this mean I can never have desserts? No, but I must eat them in moderation, especially if they are sweetened with raw honey.

Occasionally I will want to ensure I have a low reading in the morning, I will have an especially healthy raw food dinner.

I am having great progress with lowering blood glucose through a raw food diet. As of today, May 5, I have averaged a reading of 112. My reading this morning was 103, and that was with the reduced medication!

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