A Raw Food Diet For Cancer!

carrots are often used in a raw food diet for cancer

A raw food diet for cancer is much more specific than just a raw food diet!

Please note that I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. Also note that much of the information on this page was excerpted from CancerTutor.com. Please visit them for more in depth information.

There are many different raw food diets. The first thing you need to understand is that not all vegetables and fruits are equal in their ability to treat cancer. Remember, the main purpose here is to treat cancer. Your fruit and vegetable juice should be overly unbalanced with the fruits and vegetables that have the best cancer-killing nutrients. If you randomly put fruits and vegetables in your juice, the benefits of the juice will be greatly decreased!

A special note about carrots: Like virtually all vegetables, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of phytonutrients in carrots that have not yet been identified or tested for cancer-fighting abilities. It may be that we do not yet know the best cancer-fighting nutrient in carrots, but based on many testimonials and some books, carrots may be the best cancer-fighting vegetable of all. Use massive amounts of carrots in your raw food diet for cancer.

In a review of over 200 human studies, carrots consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-fighting foods. The power of carrots lies in the group of pigments called carotenoids which give them their orange color.

Vegetable juices are the mainstay of a raw food diet for cancer. The raw vegetables you should focus on are: carrots, cabbage, green asparagus, broccoli, red beets, beet tops, cauliflower and related vegetables. Peppers also have cancer fighting substances. The spice turmeric can be added as well.

AS A MINIMUM, the vegetable juice should include: 1) Carrot juice (1 to 2 quarts/liters), 2) Beet juice (from at least 2 red beets, with their beet tops) 3) A significant amount of cruciferous vegetables including: broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower (this is for both the cancer and the critical protection of the liver)

A small and decreasing amount of fruit juices which contain very little glucose can be added for taste. Not all vegetables can be eaten raw, but the ones above can be eaten raw or juiced. You can also eat any of these vegetables during your treatment to get bulk and fiber.

Here are just a few of the cancer cell killing nutrients in vegetables: Raw Carrots (alpha carotene, beta carotene, Vitamin E), Raw Broccoli (sulforaphanes/isothiocyanates), Raw cabbage (isothiocyanates), Green Asparagus (saponins), Beetroot/red beets (proanthocyanidins), and Turmeric (a spice).

A vegetable juice using 1 quart of carrots is the minimum level of carrots that is acceptable. Vegetable juices with 2 quarts of carrots have also been used by many as a raw food diet for cancer treatment.

At least 80% or above of the vegetable juice should come from vegetables with known cancer-fighting abilities, although other vegetables are not far behind the ones I just mentioned.

Remember, this is a raw food diet and the raw food diet for cancer should still exclude all meats, poultry, fish and all dairy products.

Do not consume vegetables or fruits, which contain high levels of glucose, unless they are cancer-killing vegetables or fruits. Mixing these juices with foods that contain high levels of glucose dilutes the amount of cancer-killing nutrients that get into the cancer cells, making the treatment less effective!

Should a Vegetable Juice Fast and a Fruit Juice Fast Be Combined?

The question naturally arises, how about combining a good vegetable juice with a good fruit juice? The answer is - don't. Your cancer treatment should be ALL vegetable juices or ALL fruit juices. It is one or the other for the entire treatment.

As always, there are exceptions. If a cancer patient is weak, and he or she has over a year to live (if they did nothing), then the super-fruit juices (mangosteen, noni and wolfberry or gogi) can be taken during the first month of treatment, even if the person is on a vegetable juice diet.

The reason for using only vegetable juices or only fruit juices in the cancer treatment is that cancer-killing nutrients frequently work cumulatively. In other words, it is the cumulative effect, over 3 or 4 or 5 consecutive weeks that makes the treatment effective.

If you break that cumulative effect, by significantly changing the person's diet or treatment, the cumulative effect could be lost.

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