Raw Food Enzymes

Raw food enzymes are one of the reasons raw food diet is so effective in improving your energy level and the overall quality of your health. You may be wondering what these enzymes are and what roles they play in good nutrition and healthy living. Well, read along, and discover how amazing these enzymes are in more ways than one! Raw food enzymes are complex proteins that take in the role of chemical reaction catalysts. They join compounds together to form a reaction. Even after the reaction, these live enzymes remain unaffected and unchanged.

Do you know that there are more than a thousand enzymes that assist in various body functions? You are probably familiar with digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. These enzymes are vital in burning fats and converting it to usable energy. In fact, it is safe to say that most of our body functions require the aid of these live enzymes. This is the reason raw food enzymes and raw veganism helps our body function to its full potential. Here are some amazing facts about enzymes that you should know about.

• All natural, organic foods such as fruits and vegetables are a great source of raw food enzymes.

• Intake of raw foods is guaranteed to give you the enzymes you need.

• Enzymes break down when food is heated to a temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit of wet heat and 150 degrees Fahrenheit of dry heat. With the structure change, they are now unable to perform the functions they were initially designed for.

• Raw food requires less energy to digest than cooked foods because of these enzymes.

• Consumption of foods with dead enzymes is taxing to the organs specifically the pancreas. Processed foods over stimulate the pancreas into producing more enzymes to aid in the digestion.

• The body has approximately 22 digestive enzymes that are more than capable of digesting protein, fats and carbohydrates.

• All raw foods contain enzymes. Of all the raw foods, sprouts in the form of legumes, grains and seeds are the highest in enzyme content.

• Some food allergies may be caused by inadequate digestive enzymes.

• As we grow older, we lose the ability to produce enzymes. It is during this time that eating raw food is important, now more than ever.

• In a phenomena known as “digestive leukocytosis”, leukocytes or white blood cells increase in number after consumption of cooked or processed food. Eating raw food, however, do not cause the same effect. The phenomena is renamed “pathological leukocytosis” since the body reacts to processed or cooked food as if it was a foreign matter that the body needs to defend itself from. Amazing right? We think so too. Raw foods, on the other hand, are not considered by the body as a threat.

According to Sally Fallon-Morell and Mary Enig, PhD, Enzyme research has proven the importance of enzymes in raw food in a person’s diet. Even according to Dr. Edward Howell, a notable pioneer when it comes to enzyme research has stressed the importance of live enzymes in raw food in an individual’s diet. People who eat processed and cooked foods are observed to have a shorter life span, are more prone to illnesses and have lower resistance to different kinds of stress.

And wait, there’s more. Take note of this! As per Dr. Howell, people whose diets are composed of mainly cooked and processed foods are said to have bigger pancreas but smaller brains! This only shows that if you want to have a sharper, keener brain, raw food is the way to go! And with all the benefits, we see no reason why you should choose the other way.

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