Raw Food Events!

dancing fruit and vegetables celebrating a raw food event right before they realize they are the main course

We host raw food events! At Raw Food Repair, we are not just a website, we get out and educate people as to the benefits of a raw food lifestyle.

Our first event was on July 17, 2009 in Chicago. Here are the details:

“To Your Health! A Celebration of Raw Foods and Organic Wine.”

Everyone enjoyed nutritious appetizers and desserts made entirely of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds, and natural, unprocessed sweeteners. They were absolutely amazed at the taste and nutrition! We were even treated to some wine education and an organic wine tasting!

“Overcoming Diabetes Through a Raw Food Lifestyle.” by James Reno of Raw Food Repair.

“Organic Wines and what makes them Unique.” by Kelly Bartha of Date Nite Delivery.

“The Benefits of a Raw Food Lifestyle.” by Cyndi Dodick of Quantum Health Connection.

Well, we had a great event! Everyone gave great presentations and the guests had plenty of questions, especially for Cyndi, who has the most experience with the raw food lifestyle. The food was fantastic, thank you Chef Mehmet and Cousin's Incredible Vitality! And also a big thanks to Chef Jason of Raw Creations for his wonderful desserts, which at first I thought I may have ordered too much, but actually it all got eaten rather quickly. And everyone was surprised at how good eating raw and vegan can be, which hopefully will lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

Here is Cyndi (in white) and Chef Jason (in blue), as well our other guests inlcuding Ariane and Rob (of our raw food meetup group) at our Raw Food Repair event. Kelly has a great space and everyone got to meet each other and learn about raw food, organic wine, and overcoming health challenges through diet and exercise!

For Thanksgiving the raw food meetup group, led by my friend Ariane Glazer, hosted one of the largest raw food events thus far, the Chicago Green Gratitude Dinner Dance. It took place in a well decorated (thanks to the many volunteers) hall at St. Augustine College on Chicago's north side. Over 110 people showed up and everyone had a great time. The food was really excellent! Athlete Tim VanOrden was the guest speaker, and you can see it on TV! Well by now you can see it here!

Ani Phyo giving a demonstration at Worldfest.

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