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You will find some great raw food interviews in this section of the site. Many of us want to know how the leaders of this movement got started, what keeps them going, and what they can teach us. Soon I will be interviewing Tess Challis and Diana Stobo. As the interviews progress, please see the links to them at the bottom of this page! I had the good fortune of speaking with Tess Challis of Radiant Health Inner Wealth about her experience with raw and vegan food. As you will learn, Tess turned to healthy raw and vegan food to improve her life.


Raw Food Repair: How long have you been vegan?

Tess Challis: Over 19 years.

RFR: What brought you to this healthy lifestyle?

TS: I became a vegan for animal rights reasons, but couldn't believe how much it affected my health. My skin cleared up, my energy improved, my chronic colds and strep throat went away - it was like a miracle.

RFR: Are you all vegan, or do you occassionally eat non-vegan foods?

TS: I never, ever eat meat or dairy but do eat honey once in a great while. I still consider myself a vegan though.

RFR: Are you mostly raw? Why or why not?

TS: I personally find raw foods to be very health supporting, but don't feel it's necessary to be all raw. I do, however, believe that it's helpful to eat as much fresh produce as possible, as well as foods in their unrefined, fresh, whole state. I only use heat when "necessary." In my experience, it is possible to achieve the highest level of health using a moderate, healthy vegan diet with the addition of raw foods. I would say I tend to be about 30% raw (or 60% at the most).

RFR: How long have you been in the business promoting this healthy way of life?

TS: I began about 14 years ago, starting out as a cooking class instructor. (Before that, I spent about 5 years learning how to cook healthy vegan food) From there, I eventually started doing personal chef work, catering, and wellness coaching. I first became an author in 2008.

RFR: Is it your full time business?

TS: Yes. No day job!

RFR: Can you describe your latest book?

TS: It's a two-week plan that promises quick (but healthy) weight loss, improved health, more energy, and improved mood. In short, it's like a detoxification fast, but without the fast. It's a weight loss program for foodies that really works. People regularly report benefits such as weight loss of over a pound each day, an end to bloating and health problems, and feeling better than ever - all while not going hungry or feeling deprived.

RFR: Do you advise people on exercise, or just diet and nutrition?

TS: I do not officially coach people with exercise as I'm not a personal trainer. Although I do recommend exercise (and can give specific guidance), I mainly focus on diet with my clients and in my books.

RFR: What are some of your favorite foods?

TS: I love Mexican food! You can find some great vegan Mexican recipes on my blog.

RFR: If readers of this interview want to learn more about you and your services where should they go? (website or other?)

TS: Website: www.RadiantHealth-InnerWealth.com (from there, you'll find my blog, facebook, and twitter pages)

Look forward to more raw food interviews coming soon!

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