Raw Food Juicing!

raw food juicing for fast nutrition

Raw food juicing is the fastest way to get nutrition into your body. Juicers extract most of the nutrients and leave the pulp and fiber. This allows your stomach to quickly absorb the nutrients and gives you quick energy. By eliminating the bulk of green smoothies, your body gets similar benefits, i.e. nutrition, and a flatter feeling belly. Juice is a natural source of water and also provides the body with carbohydrates, fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. It is easily absorbed by the body and contains enzymes, natural pigments, and anti-oxidants.

Raw food juicing is extremely helpful for weight loss and has numerous health advantages. If you're trying to start a raw food diet, juicing your fruits and vegetables may be the best way to go. In addition to the weight loss benefits, juicing fruits and vegetables can lead to improved blood sugar control and lowered blood pressure. You also will probably find a raw foods diet more filling. Cooking can cause the loss of up to 97% of water-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Since uncooked foods such as juices contain more vitamins and other nutrients, they are more satisfying to the body, so it does not feel starved for nutrients. This means the metabolism will keep running efficiently and keep your weight loss efforts headed in the right direction.

Juicing jump-starts your body's digestive process and helps increase energy by fueling it with high-quality nutrition, which can result in increased energy. One of the great things of juicing or eating raw food is that you can easily lose weight while nourishing your body. Fresh juices, combined with a well-balanced diet will provide you with the energy needed to burn more calories, fat, and provide you with the fuel you need for physical activity. The only caveat of juicing is that you lose fiber content, so you need to be mindful of eating high fiber foods like flax seed and beans. Juicing should be a complement to a well-balanced healthy diet, not a substitute.

Another benefit of juicing is that since your body absorbs and digests the nutrients faster, it has more down time for repair. When your body is not busy it is on a constant lookout for ways to heal itself, truly amazing are we! So with a little planning and creativity, juicing could enhance your well-balanced diet and add some zest.

Here are some free green juice recipes you can use right now. Click here for a variety of color and even more juice recipes.

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