The Raw Food Kitchen!

a raw food kitchen makes meal preparation easy

The raw food kitchen has great equipment to make preparing your raw food meals fast and easy! All raw (live) food kitchens should have a blender, food processor, dehydrator, and a juicer. In addition the kitchen should be organized and extremely clean. When eating raw foods this is especially true as bacteria can survive and thrive on room temperature food. Having a food dehydrator is very important for several uses, including making raw cookies and crackers! You can create many great raw food recipes with a food processor. And a raw food juicer is essential for making green juice drinks, as well as for collecting the pulp and finding creative uses for it. I use my raw food blender every day, as this is the mainstay of all raw food smoothies!

Check out each page featuring the individual tools for your raw vegan kitchen to learn how they can make you a better raw food chef, as well as faster and easier with your special dishes!

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