Great Tasting Raw Food Meals!

raw vegan recipes for great raw food meals

Here I've compiled some great tasting raw food meals. It really is incredible how raw food can be combined for great taste when you really get creative! Green smoothies make an excellent raw food breakfast. Colorful combinations make an excellent raw food lunch.

Here you see a raw food pyramid. Notice that the base of the triangle is made of water, fruit, and vegetables. These are the best way to proportion your meals to get the best benefits from a raw food diet. Notice the nuts are farther up the pyramid. They are denser and contain more fat. While nutritious, you don't want to overdo it on the nuts. Many raw food desserts are made of raw nuts. So even in a raw food lifestyle you will want to pay attention to the amount of dessert you are eating! Raw food can be fun. Try raw food snacks and raw food desserts for those cravings.

Raw Food Pyramid

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