A Great Raw Food Menu at Cousin's!

cousin's incredible vitality restaurant has an extensive raw vegan menu

There is great raw food menu to choose from at Cousin's Incredible Vitality Cafe in Chicago! Between my friend and I, we sampled six items and two desserts, yum!

Our waitress was very helpful. She informed us that everthing on the menu was raw and vegan. She invited us to see the all you can eat salad bar, which for dinner was $9.95. It looked fine, but we wanted to try some of the chef made plates.

Starting out we passed on the smoothies since we make those all the time at home. We opted for water with lemon, and were informed that the water was de-ionized for extra purity. So far so good.

Then we choose tapas style from the menu. They had a deal of three appetizers for $14.00 so we went for that, which turned out to be plenty. I had the Sprout Avalanche topped with avocado and hummus on a bed of green spinach leaves. Not bad. Even better though was the Hummus Plate by itself. It was made of cashew and sesame and seasoned with ginger, cumin and garlic. Very creamy, and very zesty and served with flax crackers for dipping. I also enjoyed some Mini Flax Pizzas. These were made with almond cheese, marinara, black olive mince and avocado. Delicious!

Kelly had Sushi Make, which were rolls of nori and miso, nut pate, avocado and sprouts. She also had the Stuffed Wine Leaves as well as the Triple Taco. She enjoyed all the food and especially the presentation. They bring all three samplers on one large colorful plate. The plate is actually plain; it is the food that is colorful!

We were both full, but decided to press on....to dessert. We each got a piece of cheesecake and shared. Kelly had Strawberry and I had Chocolate. They told us the main ingredient was coconut meat. Could have fooled me. The dominant flavors were strawberry and chocolate as far as we could tell. Really, really good, and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The cheesecake was a little pricey at $7 each. If you are full after the main meal I would suggest splitting the cheesecake if you really have a taste for something sweet. Now we were stuffed. Our waitress offered us a nice ginger tea on the house, so we stayed and enjoyed that. She told us it is good for digestion. Fine by me, I needed that. Overall, an excellent experience! Cousin's Incredible Vitality - great raw food menu, great raw food restaurant.