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FIT OVER 40 If you want to build your own muscular and fat burning physique into your 40's and beyond, check out Jon Benson and Tom Venuto's program. It does not tell the reader to do this, do that, eat this or do not eat that. But instead it provides a person with massive motivation and explains much, much more effective ways of achieving goals through real life examples. Click here to buy FIT OVER 40!


THE JUMP MANUAL You have got to get The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller. Jacob coaches many athletes from high school through Olympic athletes and even NBA Players. He has really put together a special program. Some of his exercises can be used with special workout equipment, but he provides alternatives if you don't have access to the training equipment. In addition, Jacob provides 30 days of free email support for any questions or ways to customize the program for your specific athletic needs! Raw-Food-Repair highly recommends THE JUMP MANUAL!

RUNNER'S YOGA To be in shape as a runner, or any athlete or highly active person, you are going to want to stay flexible, strong, and injury free. This effective program is endorsed by world class athletes from many backgrounds and types of sports. In addition the routines take only one half hour! This is why at Raw Food Repair we fully endorse this top yoga program. Order your own copy of RUNNER'S YOGA!


SIMPLY RAW is a phenomonal documentary film which chronicles the healing power of raw food as it cures 6 diabetics who only eat raw food for 30 days.You can learn about what's going on, the experts involved, see the trailer and then buy the film SIMPLY RAW!


FITTER THAN THE PROS is a revolutionary new fitness program that is always innovative and will challenge you and bring out your inner athlete! Yuri Elkaim, fitness and conditioning coach for the University of Toronto soccer team has put together an incredible and expandable workout system. This is a phenomenal membership program which will keep you in tip top shape through video, mp3, training plans, forums and much much more. There is even a free trial! Never stagnate in your fitness pursuit. Get FITTER THAN THE PROS!

THE TRUTH ABOUT ABS shows you the proper way to burn fat and get fit. It busts many of the myths to getting six pack abs. It is very comprehensive and shows you how to not only get abs, but a complete lean and healthy physique. It includes tons of exercises, with photos and illustrations, as well as diet tips and recipes. Raw-Food-Repair fully endorses THE TRUTH ABOUT ABS!


FOOD4WEALTH Make your garden into a really strong producer of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables with a managable time schedule. Jonathan is an environmental scientist with over 20 years of experience growing beautiful, productive, organic and sustainable gardens! Get Jonathan White's FOOD4WEALTH!


EASY VEGGIE MEAL PLAN. This plan will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey toward health. Everything is laid out for you and will save you time and effort, while ensuring that you get proper nutrition. Order the EASY VEGGIE MEAL PLAN!

EATING FOR ENERGY. If you have decided that the raw food lifestyle is for you and want to jump right in I highly suggest this program by Yuri Elkaim. This program is recommended by not only me, but renowned raw food expert David Wolfe! Yuri has done a great job with his recipes and you will love eating clean and the great feeling that comes with it. Get healthy and get EATING FOR ENERGY!

THE HEALING GOURMET If you want a more formalized meal plan with a focus on healing you absolutely must try this cookbook. It makes a great stepping stone for transitioning to all raw, or is for those who just want to eat much, much healthier. You will be amazed at the health consciousness, use of superfoods, and GREAT taste of THE HEALING GOURMET!

SUPERFOODS will make you feel great instantly. Rejuvenate your body and sharpern your mind. Heighten your senses and brighten your mood while getting a fresh supply of strength and stamina with SUPERFOODS