Enjoying Raw Food Travel!

Raw Food Travel

These raw food travel tips are sure to help any traveling raw vegan. After all, raw vegan food stores do not occur as often as a regular grocery nor do raw vegan restaurants occur as frequently as McDonalds. Our culture, although promising, is yet to make that big step in commercializing raw vegan foods. For the mean time, whether you’re on business or pleasure trips, overseas or off the road, here are some raw food travel tips to help you eat easily and well even if you’re far from home.

Travel Tip #1 - No matter where you go, scout the area by doing a little research. Even a little research can help you a long way. Find out if there are raw food restaurants or fresh produce stores in the town or city you’ll be visiting. If there are, list at least 5. That should be plenty of choices for you in case one is closed or you don’t like the other one.

Travel Tip #2 – Let people know. Make sure to inform your hosts, business associates or even relatives about your food preference. This gives them time to prepare menus or consider your food preference when planning of restaurants to take you. It will help you avoid an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

Travel Tip #3 – Bring emergency rations. Although it may not really be easy to travel with all kinds of raw vegan food with you, along with your other travel necessities, bear in mind that it will all be for the best. You’ll realize that these staples are actually lifesavers on instances when raw food is not immediately available. To measure how much emergency rations you should bring, make provisions for one snack and one treat every day for 3 days. That should be enough time for you to replenish your raw food supply once you’re in the new place. Another important thing to take note of when it comes to raw food travel, particularly by plane, is to make sure that the food you’re bringing is permitted in the place you’re going. Dehydrated produce rarely causes a problem in airports compared to really fresh ones. Also, bring foods that you know are only available in specialty stores and will be hard to find in the place you’re going to.

Travel Tip #4 – Vegan travel agencies may be worth considering. Even if eating is part of the adventure when traveling, particularly to a foreign place, it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. When going on vacation, you can use the services of travel agencies that specialize on vegan travels. They are familiar with vegan-friendly vacation spots, tour companies, spas, retreats and bed and breakfasts.

Travel Tip #5 – When on a business trip, refrain from sounding high maintenance by insisting on going to a strictly vegan restaurant with business colleagues. Instead, suggest ethnic restaurants such as Mexican, Thai, Japanese or even Ethiopian food. Usually, these restaurants offer a lot of vegan dishes.

Travel Tip #6 - When traveling for business; choose a room with a refrigerator. This way, you’ll be able to store the raw foods such as fruits, vegetables you bought from a local grocery store or even the hummus you brought from home.

Travel Tip #7 – Practice your negotiating skills when dealing with waiters and room service. Often, a simple please and thank you coupled with a genuine smile, can help you a long way.

Travel Tip #8 – When exploring the great outdoors; make sure to pack extra water for hydration and flavorful and lightweight food for sustenance. Pack a lot of organic live food bars, fruits, nuts and pre cut vegetables. These will give you the energy you need when roughing it.

Travel Tip #9 – When traveling abroad; consider vegan-friendly countries. Not only will you be able to enjoy the culture but you’ll also be able to try out vegan dishes with regional flavors. Countries such as Vietnam, India, Japan and Thailand have dishes that are vegan-friendly. Israel and some parts of the Middle East also have vegan dishes.

Travel Tip #10 – When in a foreign country; don’t be scared to explore. Local markets and street vendors are not only a great way of learning the culture, but they can also be an excellent source of raw food.

Raw Food Travel Tip #11 – Exercise your best judgment and keep health and safety in mind. Ask around and get recommendations from locals. Some countries have food and water issues and other health risks.

Planning ahead, flexibility and equipping oneself with the necessary information is the key to an amazing travel experience. So go ahead, plan your next trip and keep these tips handy for a great raw food travel!

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