Raw Food Videos!

Here are some raw food videos of me with fitness model, competitor, and personal trainer Nicole Moneer. Nicole competes on the national level for fitness and bikini, yet she is available to help you with your fitness goals as well. Just visit NicoleMoneer.com!

Here is our first try at a music video. We hope you can laugh with us on this one! The singing was performed by Julie Buck, who also performs at the Lyric Opera in Chicago. We are honored she chose to accept this project. If you would like to contact Julie for a singing or acting gig or learn more check out her website! JulieBuckSoprano.com

We love to joke around at Raw Food Repair and enjoy life. Hope this comes through on the videos. Was it Hippocrates who said "Laughter is the best medicine"? Or was it my goofy cousin who got kicked out of med school? I'll have to think about that.

Here is Bill Maher on an anti-pharma rant. Funny, yet true!

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