Great Raw Vegan Food In Chicago!

Raw Vegan Food

For great raw vegan food in bustling urban environment, you must check out Raw in Chicago. The owners are Carole and Polly. They have both been exposed to this way of life and have witnessed the healthy benefits first hand. As passionate raw foodists, they would like to share with as many people as possible the benefits of incorporating raw living food into their daily diet.

Sharing their creative offerings, RAW has a variety of meals, drinks and snack items, all made onsite at Chicago French Market. Featuring all organic ingredients, RAW’s menu highlights include fresh salads, pizzas, pastas, muffins and granola, with a focus on nut-free. RAW also offers a selection of super food smoothies, sunflower sprouts, vitamins, wheat grass shots, coconut water and rejuvelac.

I attended with our raw food meetup group, which is always fun. Most people in the group went for the falafel sandwich. I was able to get a sample from Carole, and it was really good, especially with a spread of the hummus on it. I opted for the spaghetti and meatballs and was really impressed. The zucchini noodles were tender, the tomato sauce was excellent, and the meatballs, which were made of compressed nuts, seeds, and seasoning was great as well. I just had bottled water to drink, but the other owner, Polly brought our group some sample size spirulina smoothies. It was sweet tasting, and a very deep rich green blue! The restaurant is attached to the Ogilve Transportation Center (Metra Trains) one level below the platform, so it is a great location for Chicagoans or visitors to enjoy. In addition it is located within the French Market Cafe, so there are many other vendors selling everything from fresh produce to pastries, so plenty of atmosphere and City energy nearby!