Karyn's, an Excellent Raw Vegan Restaurant!

this raw vegan restaurant has an excellent raw vegan menu

Karyn's Raw Cafe is an excellent raw vegan restaurant! I went there today for lunch. I immediately had the choice of the salad bar cafe to my left, or the dining room to my right. I reviewed their raw food menu and decided there were just too many great sounding choices served in the dining room, so I proceeded there.

The atmosphere was very calming. There were white tablecloths, candles, and orchids at each table. The natural stone tile was very welcoming, as was the natural daylight. Ice water was served with cucumber slices floating in the serving jug. I did not care for that, as unique as that was, I prefer lemon water.

I choose to go with the falafel. It was quite a meal, and presentation. the falafel wraps were drizzled with a white sauce and had a deep red tomato and a sprig of dark greens shooting out the top, reminiscent of a Christmas tree! In addition it came with some small bowls on the larger main plate. One contained a cucumber and tomato mix, the other a nice bright yellow sauce, which I learned was a mango and flax oil sauce with a variety of spices.

The larger main plate was circled with a ring of pine nuts, red pepper cubes, olive oil and spice. Quite a presentation to be sure!

The falafel was excellent, slightly warm, lots of different flavors, especially when dipped in the mango sauce.

I chose to stay for dessert. They had an excellent selection. I had previously chosen a chocolate dessert at Cousin's Incredible Vitality on Irving. so this time I opted for a fruit based dessert.

The Spiced Apple! It was a hollowed out Granny Smith apple filled with soft serve apple-cinnamon ice cream, and served in a martini glass! I really wanted to try raw vegan ice cream, and was not disapointed, very good indeed. Overall an excellent lunch and experience. I will be back to Karyn's raw vegan restaurant soon.