Vegan Athlete Scott Jurek!

Scott Jurek is an accomplished ultramarathoner from Seattle, Washington. He also happens to be a proud vegan. If you are a marathon fan, you might have heard of 2008 Spartathlon, a 246 km or 153-mile historic ultramarathon course between the historic cities of Athens and Sparta. Scott Jurek won that race, along with the two other races before that. It is because of those races that he is currently holding some of the best times in race history.

He is as fit as he can be, all thanks to his vegan diet. Stamina, endurance and strength, all sustained by a vegan diet is what makes Scott Jurek especially interesting as an athlete. Scott Jurek can do a 25-mile run every day, effortlessly. To think that this is a hard, even impossible feat to ordinary people, when it is just the warm up part of his training, makes it amazing in so many ways. This only shows how truly powerful and sustaining a diet of vegetable and raw vegan food really is.

Scott's boundless energy more than speaks for itself. You may be wondering, with his soaring calorie requirement of around 5,000 to 8,000 calories per day, how is he able to sustain himself? Is it even possible for a person to meet a requirement that high from eating just vegetables?

It is a common knowledge that even people with an omnivorous diet and the same active lifestyle often find it difficult to consume enough calories to power them up. Meeting super high calorie requirements for an active vegan must be impossible, right? No. Truth of the matter is, Scott Jurek is a living proof that it is possible for an athlete to manage with just a vegetable and raw food diet. He explained it well by saying it is not much of a concern of what you eat, to meet the caloric needs, but more so how much you eat. The only effort that you have to exert is in planning and in making sure the food on your table is enough to meet the calorie count you need. According to him, if you are a vegan, eating a combination of raw food and other foods, your diet is an inclusion diet and not an elimination diet. With this principle, it is matter of eating more food.

Scott Jurek’s day starts with a morning run followed by a healthy breakfast. A raw food breakfast equivalent to 1,000 calories—smoothie made from fresh oils, bananas, blueberries, almonds, coconut, dates and brown rice protein powder. He has excellent culinary skills, such that he prepares his own meal and most often than not, it usually turns out as if it just came out of a chef’s kitchen. His meals consist of ample servings of greens, herbs, vegetables, miso, tofu, shallots, lemons and many more. From time to time, he will prepare raw food made up of cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh seaweed.

If you are thinking of going vegan or raw food vegan, know that it is an achievable lifestyle. All it takes is a readiness to change and the determination to succeed. Scott Jurek is an excellent example of how you can turn your life around 360 degrees, and start eating healthy. He is not a stranger to canned foods, fast foods and meats. In fact, that was his diet before. It was during his college life that he realized how a lot of the disease existing today is diet related. He did not hesitate to make the transition, and look at where he is now—a healthy, ultramarathoner with a lot of energy to give. His advice?—overcome mental barriers with determination. Once you got this over and done with, smooth sailing, when it comes to eating healthy is not too far ahead.