A Fun Vegetarian Restaurant, The Chicago Diner Has A Vegan Menu!

the chicago diner is a great vegetarian restaurant

A fun vegetarian restaurant, the Chicago Diner also has a raw vegan menu! Though not extensive, usually only two or three entrees per day, the food is delicious. In addition, they also serve vegan smoothies, as well as raw vegan desserts!


I went there today at noon, and it was packed and the waitstaff was really quite busy. The only seating I could find was at the diner type bar towards the back off to one side. The overall menu was quite extensive vegetarian. However when I asked what they served raw, she said the raw vegan chef was just back from vacation and they only had the Raw Vegan Nachos, as well as some great salads including the Live Green Salad with field greens, alfalfa, radish and sunflower sprouts, micro greens, carrots, beets, and mint with live avocado vinaigrette. Though that sounded good, I wanted to try something different from a salad.

I opted for the Raw Vegan Nachos and was not disapointed! Piled high with tomatoes, onions, guacamole, vegan sour cream, mushroom, as well as some jalapeno pepper slices it was really zesty. In addition, there were plenty of great nachos made from flax cracker infused with tomato and spices. I would have been satisfied with just that, but I wanted to try a green juice.

I had the small All Green, which consisted of spinach, cucumber, kale, broccoli, and celery. Not bad, but without any sweetness, i.e. fruit, I knew I was only drinking it for my health. At over $5 for a small glass, I would suggest juicing at home.

In addition, they had some raw vegan desserts. I passed today, but will be back because the chocolate mint cheesecake sounded and looked delicious!