Woody Harrelson Eats Raw!

woody harrelson eats raw food

Actor Woody Harrelson has modified his eating habits over the years. First he gave up red meat. Then upon discovering his lactose intolerance, he gave up dairy. Below enjoy a brief discussion of raw food by Woody, as well as Morgan Spurlock, the creator of "Supersize Me". In 2001, Woody and other hemp activists and environmentalists took a bicycle tour down the West Coast, starting in Seattle, Washington ending at the University of Santa Barbara in California. The tour was escorted by the Mothership, a Chicago city bus run on hemp oil and powered by solar panels. The tour was filmed and made into the documentary "Go Further."

I first remember seeing Harrelson playing dimwit bartender Woody in "Cheers", but since those early days he has become an A list celebrity and appeared in many feature films including Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers" and the Coen brother's "No Country For Old Men."

The clip below features Woody as well as Morgan Spurlock discussing nutrition.